Who I am

Hey! I'm Mark, a junior studying math and computer science at Brown University. I'm currently interested in formal methods and programming languages. My favorite programming language is Racket.

In my free time, I enjoy building race cars as part of Brown's FSAE team and riding my bike. I'm also always on the lookout for good maple syrup.

Work Experience

Microsoft logo
Software Engineering Intern
Summers 2020-22
STR logo
Computational Research Intern
Systems & Technology Research
Spring 2021
Fidelity logo
Data Engineering Intern
Fidelity Investments
Summer 2019
AFRL logo
Wright Scholar
Air Force Research Lab
Summer 2017


Code Course Semester
csci 0190 Accelerated Intro to CS Fall '18
csci 0320 Intro to Software Engineering Spring '19
csci 1950y Logic for Systems Spring '19
csci 1470 Deep Learning Fall '19
csci 1730 Programming Languages Fall '19
csci 1550 Probabilistic Methods in CS Spring '20
csci 2951o Prescriptive Analytics Spring '20
math 1530 Abstract Algebra Spring '20
csci 0330 Intro to Computer Systems Fall '20
math 1410 Topology Fall '20
math 2410 Algebraic Topology Fall '21
math 1260 Complex Analysis Fall '21
csci 1951x Formal Proof & Verification Fall '21
math 1540 Topics in Abstract Algebra (Galois Theory) Spring '22
math 1560 Number Theory Spring '22
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